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Hey! I did an interest search under "tristeza" and only 17 communities came up. Lo and behold, one of them was a community of indie kids from Georgia! Needless to say, I was ecstatic.

My name is Ashley, I live in Snellville (about 5 minutes from Stone Mountain in Gwinnett County), and I'm 17 years old. I was just so freaking excited to find this community that I just had to join!

As for my contribution of the day... my friend, Andy Hull, whose band is known as Manchester Orchestra (tooth and nail records) is playing at the Masquerade this Sunday, March 14th. He is opening for Me Without You, which I haven't heard much of but I was told that they are good too. But really, Andy is amazing. If you live anywhere near Atlanta, I highly suggest that you go to the show. Check the Masquerade's website for more information.
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